M I C H E L   L E N O I R     P H O T O G R A P H Y  &  D E S I G N


PROFESSIONAL BACKGROUND                                           

After obtaining a Technician Certificate Execution of Work, Michel Lenoir went to the Reunion Island during his military service where he discovered photography. Back to France, he started studying in a training school of Photographic Art Workshop to Tal ar Groas in Brittany. First professional experience in the advertising and industrial photography and photoengraving as multi-colors editor. Always in quest of knowledge, in 1989, he attended a three years cursus at the ETPA Rennes in audiovisual and cinema field.

" I loved that lab work, I discovered the special effects in the making way of Georges Méliès and Steven Spielberg and Georges Lucas new technologies... So many new areas to explore ! ".

He works as a press photographer for Ouest-France newspaper, and exerts for different companies as cameraman, sport reporter, graphic designer, animation technician, and 3D modeller for architecture.
Today, his passion for the image, the architecture, the design, his sensibility, his exigency, his taste for beauty, led him to stand on its own, to offer our custom designs and tailor to individuals and institutions in the fields of image and decoration. Eclectic, he appeals to industrialists, art craftsmen and offers to its clients, a knowledge that can respond to any requests for collaboration or realization high end.

Always on the listening and serving its clients and partners!


Since 1985, Michel Lenoir is willing to express through photography not only the visible reality but a personal feeling. Although his first companion was the light, this researcher, adventurer, traveller through and by the picture, faces life through a characteristic motto which is reflect. Inspired by the work of Maurits Cornelis Escher, Victor Vasarely, André Kertézs, Henri Cartier-Bresson and haunted like Narcissus, his introspective reflection leeds him to work the relationship between the human being and his image turning to a quest between image and its meaning. After sculpted it, made and unmaded it, reinvented it like a kaleidoscope, he continued his search and studied the sacred geometry to achieve a photographic process that he calls [* Metagraphy]. He apprehends the lines and perspectives, to lead us in a multidimensional world.

" My constant quest for new sources of inspiration, new areas of experimentation is made in the purpose of playing, surprising, exciting and wondering but also strengthing our ability to amaze us ".

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